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Where to find us Victoria Port Moody – Inlet Seafood Toronto – Diana’s Seafood Where to find us Victoria Port Moody – Inlet Seafood Toronto – Diana’s Seafood Where to find us Victoria Port Moody – Inlet Seafood Toronto – Diana’s Seafood

New Bucket Pickup Location!

Buckets are new available for pickup at Stuck Taylor’s, from Wednesday – Saturday! In a pinch we can also make to order.

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Where the Pacific meets the Salish Sea

It’s a perfect pairing that produces the untold bounty we capture in our buckets and trays.

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The taste, the presentation, the whole experience was outstanding!

– Amanda Devos

The Mollusk Man

It’s been quite a journey, from here to there and back again. Jess Taylor was born and raised on the Island and left for the East and places between to pursue a variety of careers, from bartending to currency training. But it was his gig at Rodney’s Oyster House in Vancouver that led wandering Jess to the Wandering Mollusk and a mission to make oysters mobile. Hard work, a bit of luck and thousands of shucks later, Jess was inspired by memories of the East Coast lobster boil to bring the boil to the bucket and complete the beachside shellfish celebration with a cornucopia of crustaceans.

Here for a Good Time
and a Long Time

You can’t save the world on your own. And you can’t promise a sustainable seafood celebration without a little help from your friends. At the Wandering Mollusk, we want people to enjoy our Oyster Platters and Boil Buckets far into the future. Our promise is that the quality of the ocean treasures we put on your table will always be the envy of mollusk lovers around the world. So we partner with companies that share our passion and are dedicated to practices that foretell a future enhanced by shellfish. We’re proud to be in the company of others who care about the planet as much as their products. Which is why our Salish Sea clams are from Evening Cove Farms, crab is right off the boat from High-Gear Seafood and mussels and beautiful spot prawns are from Finest At Sea. Lobsters come fresh from the East Coast and friends there who share our values.

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