More than mere morsels

The variety of shellfish that make up our platters and buckets are much more than mere morsels. They each bring a timeless story to the table to enrich the times we spend together.

1: Lobster – Ma… More Butter

As much as we pride ourselves on providing our guests with the finest oysters, crab and shrimp on earth and in the ocean, we have to concede that our local waters are not a source of Lobster. No problem, because the literal bluebloods of the crustacean family thrive on Canada’s East Coast, and we know a guy with a fast airplane. Our Atlantic lobsters arrive perfect and prepped for a hot time in one of our boil buckets. Incidentally, while the best eating lobsters weight a little over a pound, our friends in Nova Scotia once caught a 45-pounder.

2: Crab – Walk this way

Our crabs wander sideways to present a culinary experience as primitive as it is pleasurable. Those that find their way into our buckets are gathered from all around the Island and as far away as their namesake Dungeness in Washington State. Put away your knives and forks. These delicious delicacies invite a unique hands-on experience as you gently break their shells and draw the mild and sweet tasting meat for a dip in butter or one of our own special sauces. They’re everything they’re cracked up to be.

3: Clams – Awe shucks

Of all the things one can digest to inspire the imagination and reinforce a love of life, oysters stand alone. They were a staple of Hemingway’s diet and for all we know inspired ‘The Old Man and the Sea.’ James Bond made them legendary as an aphrodisiac. From shuck to slurp, there are few things more sensuous and engaging than the passage of an oyster from gullet to gut. We are so fortunate to live where an incredible variety of the finest oysters in all the world call home.

Right now, the ingredients for your oyster platter and boil bucket are enjoying quiet time in the pristine waters they call home. But a mere three days from now, they can be suckin’ and jivin’ over ice or a fire in your backyard or on the beach. We’re ready to take your order and make your party.

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