Sustainable Seafood Buckets

They say that less is more, but we say more is more. And so we give you a choice of six different buckets and a challenge: which one to choose. The solution is simple: Invite more friends and order one of each!

Choose Your Bucket.

Browse, build and checkout with one of our many sustainable seafood buckets. Choose a seafood bucket type, select how many will be eating and add some extra ingredients such as crab, clams, sausage, corn etc. – The world is your oyster!

We Make It Fresh!

Upon confirming your order, we will head out to our sustainable seafood farm in the on Vancouver Island (Georgia Strait) and build your bucket straight from the ocean. Keep mind we have been doing this for many years, so we know the tides and how to fish sustainably, so we can continue to produce a premium product for years to come.

Ready For Pick-Up.

Once the big day arrives for pick-up, whether it be a Friday or Saturday, head-on over Whistle Buoy Brewing in Victoria) to grab your order! Don’t forget proof of purchase (confirmation number) and please refer to our hours of operation, found on our contact page.

Plan, Cook, & Enjoy!

Invite your closest friends and family over for a memorable feast. It’s important to thoroughly read through the cooking instructions on the side panel of the bucket before you begin. And don’t forget to poor a glass of your favourite beer or wine and enjoy your bucket among your favourites!

Compost & Recycle.

When the feast is over you can wrap up the remaining bits of shell, chewed down corn and toss it in the compost. Here’s the fun part, you can either choose to rinse and recycle your tin bucket, or you can put it to good use as a garbage can, or outdoor flower pot. This is what makes the seafood bucket uniquely ours!

Round Two, Please!

Hungry for more? Why not try all of our tasty buckets, one order at a time! Or you can simply log back into your account on our website and hit re-order for your next big gathering. Thank you for supporting the Wandering Mollusk.

Order your first Sustainable Seafood Bucket today!

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