You can’t promise sustainable seafood without a little help from your friends. We want people to enjoy our Oyster Platters and Boil Buckets far into the future, so we partner with companies that share our dedication to practices foretelling a bright future for shellfish.

Meet Jess Taylor

It started with a few friends, a platter of Pacific Ocean oysters and a locally brewed craft beer. With glasses raised to toast our good fortune, the shucking began. It was a time to be shared. For Jess it brought back memories of lobster boils on the beach in Nova Scotia and shucking good times at Rodney’s Oyster Bar in Vancouver. Conversation turned to the idea of a mobile oyster bar. A wanderer himself, and a longtime fan of the crustacean community, Jess saw the Wandering Mollusk bringing the freshest, finest quality oysters to weddings, birthdays, and scores of other events all across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland. Five years and hundreds of celebrations later, it was time to put the bucket on the boil, so that today you can enjoy the full oyster bar and boil bucket experience at pop-ups and personal occasions from Tofino to Whistler.

We’re proud to pair with others who care about the planet as much as their products. Which is why our Salish Sea clams are from Evening Cove Farms, crab is right off the boat from High-Gear Seafood and mussels and beautiful spot prawns are from Finest At Sea. Lobsters come fresh from the East Coast and friends who share our values.


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Frequently asked questions
Do you serve any small oysters? We don’t like to eat big ones!
All of our oysters (unless we are doing BBQ) are the cocktail size preferred for raw consumption. Small and sweet and directly from the farms so you know you’re getting the freshest oysters possible.
Do you serve Kusshi oysters? How about Fanny Bays?
We don’t preference brands or follow trends. Our focus is on variety and bringing you the freshest and sweetest small oysters from all across Vancouver Island.
We saw you at a pop-up and wonder if you do weddings?
Absolutely! We love weddings and we’d be happy to come aboard to make your special day shucking awesome. Send us an email with the date and number of guests and we’ll get back to you right away.
How long does cooking take?
The important part of cooking your seafood boil is following the instructions provided on the side of the bucket. Glass top stoves can take longer than the instructions state. If this is the case you are simply waiting for the bucket to get hot enough that the steam starts. Than you can follow the cooking directions accurately.
Can I cook the bucket right on the stove?
Yes. Our Seafood buckets have been specially designed as a single use cooking on any stove, BBQ or open flame source. An easy and anywhere dinner to complement whatever or whoever you’re celebrating. Direct heat on the bottom of the bucket is best for a perfect boil.
I want to take my Seafood bucket to my camping spot 3 hours away. What can I do to ensure that my bucket remains food safe?
We recommend using a cooler loaded with ice-packs or fresh ice to maintain the temperature between 0℃ and 2℃ and keep the spot prawns frozen. We’re happy to help by packing a bag of crushed ice inside the bucket for you. Simply mention it on your order or during pick-up.
I was planning to cook the bucket in two days. Is that ok?
Not really. We do not recommend keeping your bucket for more than 1 day. The seafood for your bucket arrives fresh in the morning and we prepare it for the best seafood experience possible. Why wait?
How do you take the crab apart? What about lobster?
A crab tool kit is handy, but no really necessary. The crab is fresh and cleaned and will break apart with your hands and a bit of muscle. Lobster is another story. You’ll need a seafood hammer, pick and cracker.
What is the best way to dispose of the waste after the feast?
Aside from the seafood bag, all of the contents are compostable and go in your green bin. The bucket itself is 100% recyclable steel.
Can I reuse the bucket to cook again?
Our buckets are health authority certified for one-time use. So ‘no’ to repeat cooking. Instead think about the ways you can use your new bucket. Repurpose it to hold nails. Pot plants. Let the kids use it for crafts. The metal itself is recyclable once cleaned. Share your re-born bucket with us on Instagram.
What can I do with leftovers?
Save the broth for seafood chowder. We make an amazing seafood hash breakfast with flavour-soaked potatoes roasted and smashed in a cast iron pan or skillet. Share your leftover ideas on Instagram.
Why are the prices of your seafood boils changing? It was cheaper last time.
It all comes down to ever changing market prices and availability of our fresh seafood such as crab, lobster and prawns. Their prices change throughout the year. In order to continue giving you the best product we must change our prices accordingly.
We’re interested in carrying your seafood buckets in our store. Wondering if you service other areas?
We are always looking for opportunities to let the good times boil. Send us an email telling us a little bit about yourself and we will get back to you right away.

We want people to enjoy our Oyster Platters and Boil Buckets far into the future, keeping our promise that the ocean treasures we put on your table will remain the envy of mollusk lovers around the world. So we partner with companies that share our dedication to practices foretelling a bright future for shellfish.

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