West Coast Oyster Shucker


Designed in collaboration with our friends at Leechtown Blacksmith this is the oyster tool you always wanted but never knew existed until now. Forged from Norwegian Steel and attached to a beautiful hand carved Laburnum handle. This weapon  not only shucks well but looks the part too with a brass plug to prevent blemishing the wood and a decorative paua shell in the handle.

Our collaboration was inspired by the overwhelming amount of east coast oyster shucking knives on the market. Never a fit for our much smaller delicate pacific northwest oysters, we needed something that would respect our love for oysters and west coast lifestyle. So much searching but there was nothing on the market that was true to how we shuck. Enter our friends at Leechtown Blacksmith who were happy to collaborate with us on what the best version of a pacific shucker could be.

Designed with a shorter & sharper blade that provides easy access to the smaller hinges of our pacific oysters this knife shucks! A comfortable polished handle that feels like it has been in your hand forever provides the balance that you need to shuck perfect oysters anywhere and at anytime.

This knife embodies our west coast lifestyle. Shuck what you eat has a whole new meaning now.

Buy it once have it forever!

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