Wandering Mollusk

We dive. You dine.

Tuesday – Friday from 11:30 -10:00pm
Saturday 10:30 -10.00pm
Sunday 10:30 -5.00pm
(Brunch runs Sat/Sun 10:30 -2.00pm)
(Happy Hour runs 2:00 -5:00pm)

Please also note we do not take reservations, we operate on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Stop by for some Oysters, shucked fresh!
The finest lobster roll ever tasted.

Welcome aboard.

As you stroll down Blanshard Street and through our door for the first time, you’ll have a feeling that you’ve been here a hundred times before. The place and the faces will seem familiar. That table over there already has your name on it! And it feels great to be back.

Nestled in our little corner, we’re blessed with top-notch shellfish straight from the ocean – our local pride. Yet, our menu isn’t just local love; it’s a global affair. From Caspian Sea caviar to Nova Scotia lobster, we’re all about freshness on your plate. So, kick back, scan the menu, and let’s take your taste buds on a world tour. It’s casual vibes, global flavors, and a whole lot of delicious. Welcome to our culinary haven!

Awe shucks.

The first oysters appeared over 150 million years ago when the continents were aligning and large reptiles had no idea what an asteroid is. Since their inception, these mollusks harbored dreams of a haven where they could be carefully shucked and eventually delight the taste buds of future shellfish connoisseurs wandering the Earth millions of years later.

There are only two kinds of people

Those who love oysters, and those who will love oysters. For fans, they represent the ultimate delicacy. For the uninitiated, Oysters represent a right of passage, like getting a licence to drive, that first kiss and tossing away your false ID. Like your first skydive, oysters follow fear with fulfillment.

Life before oysters

Let’s suppose that your cautious companion is hesitant to slurp. In that case, we offer alternatives to the finest and freshest shellfish on planet Earth. An extraordinary double cheeseburger, for example. Charred broccoli and artichokes or a masterful meat and cheese plate. Order any dish that’s not at home in a shell, and we’ll include a small and sweet Pacific oyster to get your dining partner hooked.

Shuck it or bucket.

Before we became That Shellfish Place, we were (and still are) the Wandering Mollusk, showing up at parties all over the Island and Lower Mainland. So when you visit our place, keep in mind that we’d love to bring our pop-up oyster bar and steamer buckets to your place to liven up your wedding, reunion or what-the-shell event.

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Frequently asked questions

Can we make reservations?

We are first come first serve.

Can we bring our own wine in?

Yes. Corkage fee is $30.

Can we book the restaurant for a private party?

Please contact jess@shucktaylors.com for more info

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